Side effects and dealing with them

Everything comes with a price, goes especially well with the drugs. It’s a struggle between trying to be a functional independent person (not aiming to be a Superman) and side effects. I struggle with CPTSD, which can be felt similar to depression, anxiety, ADHD, BPD and OCD combined. People with CPTSD are similar, but we … Read more

The real cure for addiction

I’ve been struggling with multiple addictions in the past. I’m not talking just about drugs, but other things as well. I’ve learned first hand that people can get addicted to literally anything. I’ve tried almost every possible way to let go of my addictions. But what I was actually doing was changing one addiction for … Read more

The dangers of mixing drugs

I have plenty of experience with mixing drugs. Legal, illegal and mostly prescribed ones. I can tell you first hand how dangerous can some of them become when used together. Or how some of them just don’t mix with specific nutrients. So, what happens when you mix drugs? There are also some foods, which can … Read more