Coping with emotional flashbacks (PTSD/CPTSD)

I don’t want to sound too dramatic, this is just how my mind sounds in a moment of stress. Unfiltered. It’s the end of the world in there… Oh boy. This one hit me hard. I’ll go through a job evaluation program very soon. I’m wondering how on earth will I spend 2 weeks around … Read more

What to do when you’re left on your own in a mental health care system?

Do you ever come from a doctor’s office with way too little information about your condition and you feel like you’re too much on your own? There are several things you can do and one you cannot. You can’t force your doctor or anybody else in a position to do this, to give you all … Read more

How a suicide attempt actually prevented me from killing myself

This is not a success story, just to let you know. It’s just another random story from a random person’s life. Quite pathetic to some point, I admit. My first suicide attempt goes back when I was 15. I was at home, locked in my room (nobody bothered, I was a teenager and I could … Read more

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