Violence at Home #SignalForHelp

signal for help

Please share this post or just the video below. You never know when you might need it. It’s also good to know that if somebody else reaches out for help. Photo credit:

How to help men?


Men are much less likely to seek help when it comes to mental health. This is understandable because we still live in a society where seeking help is considered a weakness, while it’s quite the opposite actually. Men deserve some special attention because of this. I know I’m not going to change the world, yet … Read more

You can promote your blog here

I’ve received many emails from bloggers at the start of their journey. To help them with some blogging tips and sometimes promote them too. I helped in the best way I could, yet this is still not the best help, all of you’d deserve. I would love to help all of you, but one person … Read more

Helpful Online Communities

There is a list of the sites I’ve found the most helpful. The internet was my only way to communicate with people for quite a while.
You can get plenty of good advice online, but it’s not bad to have some offline consultations as well.

What are you listening to?

Do you remember the post about How to stop listening to the same song on repeat? This is one side of the equation. Some silence is also very much needed and beneficial from time to time. There are also times when you crave some music, but you can’t think of any song to listen to. … Read more