Your weakness can be a strength too

Many things in life depend on our point of view. The way we see them and the way we feel them. The world is as it is. Situations are as they are. People are as they are. You are as you are. Your strengths are your strengths and your weaknesses are your weaknesses. But you … Read more

Nothing comes from nothing

You’ve probably heard this one: “It’s easier for you than it is for me“. It’s a matter of perspective. Something that looks easy to you, might be very difficult for somebody else. And vice versa. You can try to walk in another person’s shoe and you’d still be able to see the same situation only … Read more

The art of setting boundaries

How to stay true to yourself and be approachable to others too? The balance is what I’m talking about. Something I’m still learning. You can try as hard as you can, but sometimes things just don’t work out. One time you’ll please yourself and another time somebody else. Sometimes you can even do both, but … Read more