Some random reminders to make your life better

Better does not equal easier. This is my list of some notes to myself. More or less it’s just a common knowledge, so you won’t learn anything new probably. This might work for you too or not. We’re different, but we’re humans and some things apply to everyone. It’s still up to you if you … Read more

Do you have a mentor?

good mentor

You can improve your life better, if you have somebody who can help you to push yourself further and further. Pushing sometimes means doing nothing at all too. It depends on your needs and goals. The qualities of a good mentor Is well educated Motivates and inspires you Has good listening and overall communication skills … Read more

Healing – The Basics

If you ever lose yourself, it’s best to start with the basics again. I’d recommend this video to everyone who is struggling with any sort of mental health issues. It might come handy to others as well, but for us, these routines are crucial. It’s just another reminder, stuff you probably already know, but forget … Read more

How does the Rorschach inkblot test work?

Have you ever wondered how the famous Rorschach inkblot test work? This video explains it very well. It’s just another test which can be used to help the therapists to know you a bit more. A small piece of a puzzle. Our brains are so complex, we still aren’t sure how exactly do they work. … Read more

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