Importance of the little things

rain drop

It doesn’t take much to make our lives a bit better and there is a huge difference between doing a little or doing nothing. This is my list of little things that can make life a bit better Going to bed early and staying in it for a bit longer in the morning A short … Read more

The Sweetest Pain

Do you know the feeling when you miss someone so much that it hurts? And at the same time, you feel joy, when you think about this person’s happiness… It’s a weird combination, this pleasure, and pain. So many stories created my brain. I still want you inside, inside of my head stories so happy, … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Master Your Emotions?

master your emotions

This is one question that I don’t have the answer to. It probably even doesn’t exist, because everybody needs their own time. Or not? What do you think? I’ve been asking myself a lot, when will I be happy with my own progress? Because honestly, many times I feel like I’m never happy with it, … Read more

How To Be Happy With What You Have?

how to be happy

I consider myself a very unhappy grumpy person because I can drive myself crazy with my thoughts obsessing about wanting more. This will never bring you the joy you might seek, trust me on this one. It might feel good for a short period of time, but that’s not happiness. What can help you to … Read more