The Sweetest Pain

Do you know the feeling when you miss someone so much that it hurts? And at the same time, you feel joy, when you think about this person’s happiness… It’s …

what is love

What Is Love?

Love is complex. Too complex to explain it in a shorter sentence. I’ve tried to be as short as possible again. I hope you’ll learn something new today – about …


You Are Enough

I have nothing to add to this today. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lampelina (@lampelina_blog) Would you like to add something?


Are You In For A Challenge?

I’d love to be more in control of my thoughts and improve myself further. This time I’ve decided to go a week without a single complaint. This goes for complaining …


The Bright Side of BPD

I just finished another course, this time on positive psychology & resilience. Btw, you can do it too, if you’re into learning something new. Which got me thinking a bit …