Reblog: Where Does Determination Come From? – A Guide To Building Stronger Resolve

Great article, worth sharing. Some of us don’t know what we truly want to do with our lives or we’re simply afraid to say it aloud even to ourselves. However, if you overcome this step and actually decide what your long term goals are, another struggle awaits you — the ability to find the determination … Read more

The bright side of depression – Infographics

I already wrote about this. This time I made an infographic to simplify a bit. Depression is not something you’d want to have, but you can take something good out of it. I hope this helps a little. You can get high quality files for printing at Patreon. What about you, can you see any … Read more

Just another reminder to rethink what is important to you

This is just another reminder. To rethink what is putting you down and what can put you back up. I can give you plenty of suggestions what can be on both sides, but only you can tell what is going on inside of you. Only when you know exactly what is putting you down, you … Read more

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