Importance of the little things

rain drop

It doesn’t take much to make our lives a bit better and there is a huge difference between doing a little or doing nothing. This is my list of little things that can make life a bit better Going to bed early and staying in it for a bit longer in the morning A short … Read more

Just Another Day With CPTSD #2


I hit a pause on my therapy because I’m afraid of getting too attached to another therapist. I also probably already live a better life than many people with CPTSD in some ways and I’m very grateful for that. I’d like to stay here at least for a while. I still struggle in some areas … Read more

Daily Dose Of Inspiration


I was watching some cute animal videos these days and by the way, saw some other videos that made me very emotional in the best possible way. I hope you’ll get a similar emotional experience or maybe even get some ideas for your own next little random acts of kindness. I wish you a nice … Read more

Art Is About Sharing Who You Truly Are

Art is an expression of your spirit and humanness. It’s an expression of your wholeness. Art can help you to understand what it is you need in your life right now. How can you use this to manifest something that you desire deeply? I don’t have enough knowledge to teach you this, but some other … Read more

Healing From CPTSD – Books And Blogs

These are the books and blogs that helped me the most on my CPTSD healing journey (so far). I hope you’ll get some ideas for yourself too. John Sharp – The Insight Cure Elan Golomb – Adult Children Of Narcissists In Their Struggle For Self Mark Manson – I find his stuff very useful, from … Read more

If You Could Be A Song, Which One Would You Be?

your song

Do you ever ask yourself this question? Which song describes you the most? Which melody flows best with your body and your mind? Which song do you truly feel? Is it just one song, can you see yourself in several different (or similar songs)? You can explore yourself through this exercise and learn something new. … Read more

Welcome To My New Old Blog

mental health blog welcome

I’m very happy to announce that this blog was successfully moved to a faster host. Hooray! I apologize for any inconvenience that might happen over the past couple of months, due to some technical issues, which made reading and publishing a bit harder. Special thanks go to Gregor for helping me with the moving and … Read more

How To Be Happy With What You Have?

how to be happy

I consider myself a very unhappy grumpy person because I can drive myself crazy with my thoughts obsessing about wanting more. This will never bring you the joy you might seek, trust me on this one. It might feel good for a short period of time, but that’s not happiness. What can help you to … Read more

You Can Join Me In Basic Mindfulness Exercise

I will share with you two short and very basic breathing techniques, which can help you to relax a little. Find yourself in a comfortable position. You can sit or lay down on your back. Place your hands on your belly and focus on your breathing. Notice the air coming through your nose, going all … Read more

What Are You Afraid Of?

Can you imagine your life without a fear? It would be dangerous, so fear is actually good (like you probably already know). If it’s in the right amount, of course. Your fears can also tell you in which areas you need to do some work. I’d strongly recommend you to work with a therapist if … Read more

Long Time No See

I needed a break from blogging, so I took one. I won’t apologize for that. I needed to let go of some really nice people in quite a short time. And I needed some time to grieve. These feelings don’t get any weaker with years, at least for me they don’t. But I did get … Read more