What are you passionate about? Part 2


I already posted something on this topic. But without my thoughts. I can finally add something to this. I like to be surrounded with people who see some use in things I do. Who doesn’t? And I like to do many different things. I needed 6 years to find this combo again. I’m a full … Read more

Fears and insecurities

This is just another thing that’s easier to write and talk about, than actually doing it. But you need to do things in order to change anything in your life. You need to go out of your comfort zone for this too. How much, depends on you and you only. I’ve found these two questions … Read more

Everything is good for something – another story behind my pictures

Well, not everything, but we can use most of situations for something good as well. When it comes to exercise, I used to be a lazy couch potato, spending my days and nights in front of the computer or otherwise indoors. At some point in life, I fell in love with photography and nature, so … Read more

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