How to become healthier very fast?

Why on earth would you want to be healthier in the first place? Isn’t this just some popular thing that is getting way too much attention lately? If you really need an answer to this question, you can jump to Mark’s place to see Top 10 reasons why. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a … Read more

Why regret is good?

Imagine you find out that you only have one day left to live. Would you regret anything? I was depressed for over two years in my last episode. Which got me thinking. A lot. About my life, things I did, things I haven’t done, but I could if I just had more courage, energy, money … Read more

The dangers of mixing drugs

I have plenty of experience with mixing drugs. Legal, illegal and mostly prescribed ones. I can tell you first hand how dangerous can some of them become when used together. Or how some of them just don’t mix with specific nutrients. So, what happens when you mix drugs? There are also some foods, which can … Read more

What happens when biohacking goes wrong?

A few years ago, I’ve decided to make some improvements in my life, after I’ve been struggling with way too many health issues. I was always very much into medicine and science, so the biohacking looked like a perfect solution for the new me. Better, stronger and for most, healthier version of myself. This could … Read more