The Power Of Silence

Silence might be one of the most underestimated healing tools. Recently I’ve done one of the most basic mistakes and I’m thankful for it. We live and we learn. I finally accepted that some failures are an essential part of our lives and mandatory for growth. No, knowing is not the same as understanding and … Read more

The Bright Side of Procrastination


I was never much of a procrastinator. I’m actually the one waiting for others to arrive, the first one to finish a task,… If I could, I would even overtake myself sometimes. This is one extreme, which is not working for me at all. You can take some pressure and anxiety off immediately, but you … Read more

Self-Care Through Boundaries

I’ve heard many self-care advice. Some good, some bad, and all in-between. There is also one thing that I’ve finally learned. I can’t take care of others anymore, because I haven’t really taken good care of myself just yet. Remember my post about comments? This was the time when I was saying NO to literally … Read more

How To Become Healthier Very Fast?

Why on earth would you want to be healthier in the first place? Isn’t this just some popular thing that is getting way too much attention lately? If you really need an answer to this question, you can jump to Mark’s place to see Top 10 reasons why. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a … Read more

Why regret is good?

Imagine you find out that you only have one day left to live. Would you regret anything? I was depressed for over two years in my last episode. Which got me thinking. A lot. About my life, things I did, things I haven’t done, but I could if I just had more courage, energy, money … Read more

Don’t Worry, No One Cares

A nice video to tell your brains that nobody actually cares as much as you might think. Now go out and play, dance, do beautiful things that make you feel happy and don’t worry as much about what others might think πŸ™‚ I know it’s not actually that simple… But you can still give it … Read more