How to stay motivated

I have a weird brain that has plenty of new ideas all the time. And I’ve never had a problem with starting anything new. But finishing is another story. Motivation can be a huge challenge for me. Doing something “just because”, doesn’t work if you have an ADHD. There has to be a purpose. Always. … Read more

Benefits of having ADHD

The most important one is you never get bored. Ever. Even when you might think you’re bored… you’re probably not. Because it’s hard for us to stick to one task. And how can you be bored if you’re doing so many different things? It’s really bad when you’re trying to do all of them at … Read more

Why we fail at communication

Because we don’t listen. If we listen, things turn around very dramatically (this goes for both sides of course). Another thing I’ve failed many, many times. 🤦 Listening is very important, not just to please the other person, but for you as well, to learn something. This is actually a little note to myself, but … Read more