Healing – The Basics

If you ever lose yourself, it’s best to start with the basics again. I’d recommend this video to everyone who is struggling with any sort of mental health issues. It might come handy to others as well, but for us, these routines are crucial. It’s just another reminder, stuff you probably already know, but forget … Read more

How to express yourself to be understood

Many of us can find it really challenging to express ourselves in a right way from time to time. Thankfully, we already invented the internet, which is full of articles, comics, talks, videos and other stuff we can use to help us or others with this. Books are also a great source. But the best … Read more

Why stress is good

It’s amazing what a simple change in the way we think can do. I would also recommend her book, The Upside of Stress. Now go out and get excited about the next thing you’re afraid of, but you’re still going to do it. 🙂 It doesn’t have to be skydiving. For some this means going … Read more