What are you passionate about?

Just another interesting video I’m passing forward. What about you, what are you passionate about? Further reading: – 16 Things To Be Passionate About In Your Life – How to Find Your Passion and Live a Fulfilling Life – ‘Following Your Passion’ Is Dead – Here’s What To Replace It With (far best article I’ve … Read more

The art of being angry

Anger can be great. It can give you the power when you feel powerless to move forward from this position if you just use it wisely. It can also be devastating if you use it in destructive ways. While some people need some anger management, others need to actually learn how to be angry. With … Read more

Busting some myths about suicide

Suicide is not a pleasant topic to talk about. But we need to talk about this too. Too many people struggle in silence, while we have many people on the other side, who judge the first ones because they don’t know enough about it. I know I won’t change the world, but I might help … Read more

How to keep the thrill?

Are you familiar with that feeling when you got it all figured out or fall into some boring routine and you lose the interest in things (or people)? In order to succeed, you need to do all of the work, not just the thrilling part. You can keep some of the thrill though, you just … Read more

A little something about the ego

Many of us come to the point, when we acknowledge the real size of our own ego. For some might be a pleasant discovery, for some not so much. It doesn’t matter, though. Once you know where you stand, you can go into the direction where you’d want to be. Or nowhere if you’re already … Read more

A few words about psychedelics

A few informative talks about psychedelics. They might be an interesting alternative to many psychiatric drugs. What about you, do you already have any experience with using them in medical purposes?

How to express yourself to be understood

Many of us can find it really challenging to express ourselves in a right way from time to time. Thankfully, we already invented the internet, which is full of articles, comics, talks, videos and other stuff we can use to help us or others with this. Books are also a great source. But the best … Read more