How To Become Authentic Through Arts

authentic through art

How authentic are you? Is something preventing you to express yourself? I’ve been living for a very long time in a box that was filled with my family, friends, boss, boyfriends, and some other people’s versions of myself. Over the years a very tiny piece of me left, that was really mine. I needed lots … Read more

What Does CPTSD Feel Like?


For me, it feels like my heart is breaking again and again, without the ability to ever get better. This is not the truth and is “just” a feeling. I need to ground myself often to come out of my illusions and stop breaking my own heart all over again. This might sound easy but … Read more

Healing From CPTSD – Books And Blogs

These are the books and blogs that helped me the most on my CPTSD healing journey (so far). I hope you’ll get some ideas for yourself too. John Sharp – The Insight Cure Elan Golomb – Adult Children Of Narcissists In Their Struggle For Self Mark Manson – I find his stuff very useful, from … Read more

The Right To Die With Dignity

dying with dignity

Warning: a sensitive topic I don’t want to encourage anyone into anything stupid or reckless. If you’re in danger of hurting yourself, please ask for help – you can do so here. I wish I could have the opportunity to die when I want and the way I want, which is through euthanasia. Just one … Read more

Long Time No See

I needed a break from blogging, so I took one. I won’t apologize for that. I needed to let go of some really nice people in quite a short time. And I needed some time to grieve. These feelings don’t get any weaker with years, at least for me they don’t. But I did get … Read more