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The art of being angry

Anger can be great. It can give you the power when you feel powerless to move forward from this position if you just use it wisely.
It can also be devastating if you use it in destructive ways.

While some people need some anger management, others need to actually learn how to be angry.

With years I find it harder and harder to get angry with anybody else rather than myself, if so. Even when people turn their back on me or behave really inappropriately, I can rarely feel the anger towards them.

Is this a normal reaction after surviving severe trauma? Or is this a part of self growth? Does it make a person weaker or stronger?

I don’t know all of the answers, but I do know that some anger is good and much needed.

Sometimes I’m wondering, how can I still want just the best for people who did nothing good or many bad things for me? This might be the part of my not fully resolved trauma bonding thing. Or just being an empath.

While researching the topic, I came by some interesting videos and articles you might find useful too.

Feel free to share your own thoughts about the anger and your relationship with it.

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