The bright side of depression – Infographics

I already wrote about this. This time I made an infographic to simplify a bit.

Depression is not something you’d want to have, but you can take something good out of it.
I hope this helps a little.

You can get high quality files for printing at Patreon.

What about you, can you see any benefits in depression too?

The Surprising Benefits of Being Depressed

11 thoughts on “The bright side of depression – Infographics”

  1. Hope. When the light at the end of the tunnel begins to shine on your face, you realize you have the strength to keep going, and that strength is fueled by hope. Even if things start to feel a little precarious, I am hopeful that I can hang on and get through it once again.

  2. Not to be negative, but I don’t know that I can agree altogether. In my particular case (Obviously we are all different) I suspect that depression made me rather over critical, over judgmental. I find it hard to tolerate people who are unkind or not empathic. I think I was naturally empathic and depression makes me so much so that I feel the oin of the world at times, out of proportion to the point where it is not productive at all. Resilience? I used to be, when I was young. I put up with all sorts of mental stress but as an older woman, my resilience is gone. This is just the point of view of a 72 year old who has suffered life lng depression and chronic pain. Not necessarily everyone’s experience.

  3. One has to accept what comes. There are countless millions who would happily take my place, with a roof and food and safe from abuse or threat. How can I complain?

    • I agree that one has to accept what comes. But, I think your problems matter too, even though you know some people might struggle more.
      We all do in a way and we can’t really measure whose struggle is bigger.

      There’s also nothing wrong with a little complaining from time to time. You’re welcome to do it anytime here, if you find it useful.

  4. 100% agree. I see my depression as a challenge but know it gives me as much as it takes away. I truly believe the career I have in analysis is because of my differently wired brain making me excellent at it, and I don’t know or want to who I would be without my depression. Thanks for sharing this.


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