The bright side of impulsivity

Let’s go to the dark side first. The most annoying thing about impulsivity is that you act before you think.

Imagine yourself after a few beers. Yeah, this is what I’m talking about. Some of us act like this without drinking any alcohol at all (bless you ADHD).

But in some situations, impulsivity can be a great thing.

  • Impulsivity can boost creative moments
  • You are willing to take risks (this can be bad as well, but let’s focus on the bright side)

  • It makes you feel alive
  • You’re more likely to go all in into things
  • You can’t get bored

If you’re getting into trouble because of your impulsivity, you can work on it. One of the greatest tools to manage impulsivity is practicing mindfulness. I’d really recommend it to everyone, not just impulsive people. There are also other techniques which can help.

What is your relationship with impulsivity, how do you use it for something good?

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