Being lazy is not the same as being depressed and how to stop

There are many reasons for a person to become lazy. Depression might get you there too. Even though, depression should never be confused for laziness.

If you’re depressed, you really don’t have the energy to do things, while being lazy, just means that you can, but don’t want to.

Depressed people don’t like this feeling, while lazy might even enjoy it.

Being lazy is not a criminal, but it’s good to acknowledge when it starts to affect your life in negative ways and do something about it.

You can choose to stop being lazy, while coming out of depression takes a different approach.

How to stop being lazy?

  1. Understand why are you lazy
  2. Stop making an excuse for doing things
  3. Use positive self-talk instead of negative and focus on your strengths
  4. Avoid distractions
  5. Create a realistic plan around your goals and avoid perfectionism
  6. Acknowledge your own accomplishments and reward yourself
  7. Ask for help

If you can’t follow these tips from the above, you might be moving towards depression. Don’t hesitate to seek some professional help.

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