The real cure for addiction

I’ve been struggling with multiple addictions in the past. I’m not talking just about drugs, but other things as well. I’ve learned first hand that people can get addicted to literally anything.

I’ve tried almost every possible way to let go of my addictions. But what I was actually doing was changing one addiction for another. Unhealthy for a healthier one. Yet it was still an addiction. I lived a pretty socially disconnected life for a very long time. This was probably the main reason for my addictions.

We all need a bit of an addict in ourselves just to survive. We need a basic craving for food and for love. You can live without either of them for a very long time, but you’ll be miserable to some point. And this is where the cure for addiction lies. It’s that simple.

I needed over 30 years to figure out what a simple hug can do. So go hug somebody today. Even if just with words. It can take you both a long way.

What about you, did you find any specific thing which helped you to let go of any of your addictions?

10 thoughts on “The real cure for addiction”

  1. Me too. I’ve been fighting my addictions since the age of Twelve. I’ve already watched the mentioned videos and I also believe socializing is the cure to all addictions. A meaningful heart to heart with someone you trust is the way to beat it. Sadly enough it’s hard for addicts to take that leap but I know I’ll beat this one day.

  2. For me, a twelve step program worked. I have an addictive personality so I have to be careful. But there’s a difference between addiction and overdoing or overindulging in something, I think. My addictions resulted in my life becoming unmanageable and even unbearable.

  3. Hi all! I love the honesty here. Vulnerability truly shows the human in in each of us. Ive been clean for 15 years. The struggle is real. My addictions were drugs and sex (moreso the money to pay for drugs), so I understand addictions are not just with pills. I send all addicts struggling lots of love and hugs, prayers and encouragement. Faith isnt for everybody but it helps to lean on that during challenging, lonely times.

  4. I am just beginning my journey into overcoming addiction. It will be a long, hard road. But to be honest, any recovery has been made at the heart level. My pastor said, “A demoniac can be chained but what does that do? He’s still a demoniac.”


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