There Is No Health Without Mental Health

I’m sending a big hug to everyone who didn’t felt so good today but still refused to give up. πŸ€—

I would like to thank everybody who is spreading mental health awareness. πŸ™

Hooray for all those who are working on their own mental health regularly, no matter what. πŸ₯³

Did you hug anyone today?
(Hint: you can hug with words too 🧠❀️)

8 thoughts on “There Is No Health Without Mental Health”

  1. I’m glad to see you still posting here, Maia. I noticed too that it was World Mental Health Day yesterday. An important reminder about self care and speaking up about the importance of wellbeing.

  2. The title says it all! It’s so true! Sometimes we tend to underestimate the importance of mental health πŸ™‚


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