What happens when biohacking goes wrong?

A few years ago, I’ve decided to make some improvements in my life, after I’ve been struggling with way too many health issues.

I was always very much into medicine and science, so the biohacking looked like a perfect solution for the new me. Better, stronger and for most, healthier version of myself.

This could have been just another success story if I weren’t so mentally unstable from time to time and if I’d actually stick to the plan (which should include more common sense and listening to yourself).

At the beginning, it was a nice success story. I’ve decided to make some dietary changes and switched into paleo, low carb and keto diet plan.

Then I became a huge fan of cold showers, intermittent fasting and plenty of supplements that looked promising for improving mental focus and getting some more of much needed energy. I also started to practice mindfulness as a part of my daily routine.
There were some overall benefits, but some downsides too.

The benefits

  • less, but much better sleep
  • more physical energy (even too much from time to time)
  • huge skin improvement (I’ve had every possible dermatitis before)
  • I could almost forget about the common cold and flu
  • improved mental focus
  • huge improvement in mood


Something went wrong along the way. I’m a woman and when it comes to food, some of us are too sensitive for such a huge modifications, I’ve made.
I ate way to little for some time while running around way too much.

My thyroid slowed down, I’ve lost my period for 3 years and I was crazy hungry most of the time and left with obsessive cravings.
I was left with plenty of energy, but no focus at all. I did some research and tried to put more carbs on a plate, scheduled so called cheat days, etc., living a less stressful life and put myself back into the comfort zone… I followed every single advice I could find in a book or on the internet.
But I’ve missed the most important one. I stopped listening to myself. And this is why everything went wrong.

We are all similar, but we’re different in many ways

What works for somebody, doesn’t work for everybody. There is no universal rule for anything, life is just a case of trial and errors.

The human body is giving us signals, many of them. It tells us that we’re cold, hot, hungry and so on. We should never ever ignore them. If the body craves some particular thing, we should ask ourselves what do we actually need at this moment. The craving is always real, it’s just that it’s not always the thing we crave that we need the most. But we do have some need in this particular moment that needs to be met.

Summa summarum: Biohacking can be very useful for self-improvement. But you need to pay attention to whose advice you follow and don’t forget to listen to yourself. And be careful when you put anything new in your mouth. Don’t hesitate to consult with a pharmacist or a doctor.

Another “stupid” question asked is still better than another bad experience made (trust me on this one, I ended up in a mental hospital because of Rhodiola rosea 🤦).

What about you, do you have any experience about how your plan for improving yourself went wrong?

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10 thoughts on “What happens when biohacking goes wrong?

  1. Stphn Kzln Reply

    I don’t think people mention this sort of thing enough. At some point when you’re doing all these optimizing behaviors, you’re losing the benefits(and I believe there are some) of just not having to think about things and being yourself from time to time.

  2. Tamara Kulish Reply

    I’ve been working on “bio hacking” my body for years and I agree with you, it should be always done with care! Some things will raise or lower blood pressure for example, so research everything to find out the pros and cons! When implementing something new give your body time to adjust before adding anything new, or you may miss a signal your body sends! The keto diet wasn’t for me as it places too much emphasis on the wrong things for the kidneys! I learned that moderation was a wonderful tool for me to use!

    Peace to you!

  3. Donovan Carper Reply

    The best answer is seeking evidence based interventions for common health concerns. On my website I research health trends versus current medical research literature. For example the support for plant dominant diets is strong in medical literature and consistent, with Mediterranean diet accepted (in its true form) as optimal. Many people don’t have access to such info so my goal is to make it more accessible

  4. Olga Balko Reply

    Im no professional, but I think you just made the best point. You naturally comprehend what youre speaking about, and I can seriously get behind that. Thanks for staying so upfront and so truthful.

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