What is success?

It really depends on your goals. What is more important to you, to finish something you’ve planned on doing it or to learn something down the path? Both?

To do something or to simply do nothing?

I have this tendency of getting a bit depressed when I reach my goals. Because the thrill of achieving something is gone. Usually I get some blank space and the question “Now what?“.

I came to the point in my life when I thought I reached all of my life goals.

I’ve been through a lot and my most important goal was way too often just to survive. I did this, obviously. Then I’ve lost myself completely.
At the age of 36, I still don’t know what exactly am I doing on this planet.

I still don’t know what career path am I going to pick for myself, if any.
I’m so tired because of the surviving thing, that I can’t think of a single job I could stick to on a daily basis.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m still depressed, tired or just lazy.

Back to the success thing.

The greatest success for me at the moment is to kick myself out of the bed. Day after day, after day, after day. No matter how tired and unmotivated I am, I still get up way before 8am (usually between 4 and 6).

Is this something we can actually be proud of? Indeed we can.
I do much more than just kicking myself out of the bed on a daily basis, but it’s enough to mention just this small, but important thing.

We shouldn’t take ourselves for granted or others will do that too. Our point zero in not equal to another person’s zero.

You might need to put a lot more work into things to achieve the same or even less than somebody else.

It’s ok to acknowledge our achievements, be gentle with ourselves, but don’t get too soft. Or you’ll prevent the self-growth. The balance, you know, the thing I keep on repeating and failing at the same time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s easy to be smart, I know, but doing it is another thing. Nothing comes from nothing.

How do you see your own success?

12 thoughts on “What is success?”

  1. I’ve put success on hold for the last four years since my breakdown. I am also 36 and I don’t have a career any more. Success for me is helping others and following my 2020 mental health goals, such as to never stop believing in my potential. Now, success is based on my day-to-day sense of achievement and not on the concept of a job. I don’t work and don’t plan to, but I’m content with my life. Well-wishes from bonnie Scotland 😊

  2. About the job thing, I can’t imagine doing the same job day after day for years. That’s ok because we don’t need to! Some jobs naturally evolve (I took on a software project one day and then morphed my job into that), other times they’re stepping stones to other things. I think that’s one of the beauties of current times (excluding the pandemic) is the variety we have. Even the same job can be a radically different experience depending on the company / manager / dept etc.

    Some days just breathing is accomplishment enough, I was having this same conversation with a friend yesterday. Yes, no-one else knows our point zero, just as we don’t know theirs. Best wishes,

  3. This post seems like exactly what I needed to read at the moment, without my knowing I needed it. When I feel particularly low, the automatic response is to sink deeper because of not achieving goals I would otherwise find easy to, but is important to change the way we see our successes then.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yes, yes, yessss! Getting out of bed, brushing my teeth and showering is a success most days. Once I do any of those I feel like “okay you did it. Now you can do anything else.”

  5. “I have this tendency of getting a bit depressed when I reach my goals. Because the thrill of achieving something is gone. Usually I get some blank space and the question “Now what?“.”

    I can definitely relate to this. I think the journey is where the biggest source of joy and growth comes from.

  6. Most of my measures of success have to do with my family life and keeping things there as fulfilling and “functional” as possible. I may put too much effort or energy into my daughter’s school performance and general well-being and am working on not being a helicopter Mom. I have not had success in the workplace per say in recent years, but I try not to beat myself up over this. If a job offer comes that doesn’t impact my high anxiety then I will be thankful. But I won’t necessarily be waiting for it to happen.

    • It’s nice to hear you don’t beat yourself up for the workplace success. Maybe the success is that you still go out there even though you don’t see it as successful. Just thinking…
      Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. getting this comment is success. Indeed. I remember not being confident of going online and then waiting for the first comment from a reader when I did finally post something. It was a moment of success when I got my first comment. So keep pushing on Maja. You’re doing great.


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