15 thoughts on “Why do we dream?

  1. 𝑹𝒐𝑩𝑰𝑡 πŸŒ‹ Reply

    My dreams are always consistently vivid, dramatic and scary, no matter the medication I take or not. I also remember them even when I don’t wake up from them (or at least have no memory of having woken up). When a dream is really scary, or I die, I definitely wake up and am aware of waking up.

    A recent dream from the night before last night was I in a Grand Theft Auto game scenario in real life, but with GTA graphics and physics. I was trying to escape police in a car, and ended up flying halfway across the game world by driving off a mountain, after driving around numerous police road blocks. It had all the fear and drama of being real!

    About 5 months ago I had an amazing apocalypse dream, where the world had been taken over by insectian monsters, I was holed up in a building with a group, we daren’t make a noise. I ended up separated then met up with a girl, and we had a classic post-apocalyptic world romance. Once we left the building I saw all the buildings were darkened, no one around etc. Was all highly realistic! Things like that, lol.

    In fact! This has just reminded meβ€” I had two more plane crash dreams last night. These are by far my most common type of dream, I have recurring dreams of watching planes crash in the distance, because it would be so incredibly unlikely. I’m often just on the borderline of being affected by the crash, with the fireball approaching me and I have to duck behind something to survive it. Both of the dreams last night were that type! They’re incredibly realistic and lucid, I have a realistic thought process that goes into where I choose to shelter, and how I position myself!! Crazy.

    • Maja Reply

      Talking about vivid, dramatic and scary, I just woke up from a nightmare like this. I’m also very familiar with lucid dreams. This second life during the sleep time can be quite exhausting.

        • Maja Reply

          I woke up multiple times, but the dreams remained the same for the whole night. This is rare actually, and exhausting. They can get so real that I stay with feelings from them for quite some time, even though I know things weren’t real.
          Sometimes I’m wondering how can we say for sure that dreams aren’t real and that our reality isn’t actually a dream. A sci-fi material πŸ˜€ is there a book or a movie covering the topic already (beside Matrix)?

    • Maja Reply

      Lucky you, probably. It sounds way better than remembering another nightmare πŸ™‚

  2. gigglinginthegutter Reply

    My wife’s an analyst and I’m always trying to have interesting dreams to tell her – but I just never remember them.. but I do have them because they colour the whole day. Does that make sense?

    • Maja Reply

      I’m no specialist, but I think everyhing from our minds shapes our days. And nights. It makes sense in this way.

  3. drolia Reply

    Sometimes I want to remember the dream in the dream itself. When that happens, I can remember my dream because in that moment I am neither sleeping nor awake.

  4. Stphn Kzln Reply

    I read once that our dreams are sometimes meant to prepare us for possible situations and allow our conscious brains to cope, or minimize shock from a potentially harsh situation. Remembering scary dreams from childhood, or seeing my children wake from nightmares makes me agree with this somewhat. Their sleeping brains are preparing them for something their conscious mind doesn’t want to think about.

    I’m also in love with Jung and like to believe we’re in touch with a common subconscious in our sleep, linking us with all of humanity from all time but I don’t think any of that is scientifically provable. πŸ˜‰

    If drugs have effects on our dreams I think it’s because those drugs either promote or inhibit some pleasure or pain centers, or further dim reactions to the phenomena you are witnessing.

  5. theintrovertedtree Reply

    I love Jung too. I found his book about dreams very insightful and helpful (It’s called Dreams). I also found very helpful Marie Louise von Franz’s comment that dreams come in series. I write them down now and it’s true. The “film” is different but the underlying topic is common in my dreams for several days. I wouldn’t have spotted this if I hadn’t written them down (as much as I remember them, which is not often much). Also, Freud use to ask why we had dreams, whereas Jung asked what for. Stay safe.

  6. Art_Nomison Reply

    I actually forget what I dreamt of as soon as I open my eyes..is anything amiss?πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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