Working Together to Prevent Suicide

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

If you’re the one thinking about it, please do look for some help.

If you’re not thinking about suicide, please think about somebody who might be in this position and the way you can help.

No matter on which side you are, you have the power to make this day brighter for somebody. Don’t wait, every second matters.
This goes for every day, not just today.

Thank you. You matter.

I’m really grateful for everybody who was (and who wasn’t) near by when I went through my own darkest times.
My friends, family, therapists, random people from the internet, not so random people from the internet, and last but not least, you dear readers & fellow bloggers. Thank you.

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16 thoughts on “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”

  1. I like this but where were they yesterday? Everyone is going to forget about tomorrow. Where were they last February when I was in a race to drink all my beer and pass out before I could take all my pills and die? Sorry about the rant but I’ve been getting triggered by all the attention surrounding one day of suicide prevention. I see the word in all caps everywhere I look.

    • No need for sorry, if it helps at least a little, … you’re more than welcome. πŸ™‚
      Sometimes it’s really hard to see other perspectives and everything looks black or white.
      I look at this as an extra day to remind the world about this specific topic. Many people take actions every day, even though they might look invinsible.
      But that’s just my perspective. Thanks for sharing yours. πŸ™‚

  2. I am not thinking about suicide coz I don’t have guts to attempt it again
    But anyone who does this I won’t stop him/her. Its better to die at once than dying every day
    Life is very painful for some people. Lets them have some peace 😌

    • Indeed, it is painful. But suicide is not the only solution even though sometimes looks like it is.

      I do encourage the option for euthanasia though. I believe you deserve to die in peace if you must and not through suicide. Sadly, this is rarely an option.

  3. Thank you for sharing your insights and bringing further light to this complex topic. The videos you have chosen are powerful and hopeful. I appreciate these resources and the candor with which you write. I am glad you are sharing your experience and wisdom.

  4. For those who are intractable about their decision to end their life, there are very few options to do this with dignity. This may be a good deterent to many, but it does mean that for those that pursue it, they may choose an option which traumatized other people. Thanks for sharing and highlighting. You answered the comments here with respect. Well done.


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