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I’ve received many emails from bloggers at the start of their journey. To help them with some blogging tips and sometimes promote them too. I helped in the best way I could, yet this is still not the best help, all of you’d deserve.

I would love to help all of you, but one person can only do so much. I’m also not a blogging professional, but these people below are.

4 sites with great blogging tips

I’ve also decided to give you all the option for promoting your blog here in this post.

You can do this through the comments below this post.

Please write a short description what are you writing about.

26 thoughts on “You can promote your blog here”

  1. My blog is about my journey as a caregiver of a loved one with early onset dementia. I want to help and show others that you can balance your life after a life altering diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    • Thank you so much for this opportunity!

      My blog is:

      I like to write about all kinds of topics from psychology to technology to history, and especially love to read and share what I’ve learned from books I’ve read.

      I am currently a college student and started the blog for a writing class last spring but decided to keep it going and have really enjoying writing posts.

  2. Thanks for this Maja!

    My Lovable Pest is a blog about two dad (I’m one of them!) raising a boy with great potential and a prognosis of at-risk FASD.

    I enjoy your blog, Maja, as you share first-hand your journey in an authentic way!


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