Challenge Your Fears

Currently I’m studying The Psychology of Thrill Seekers. I’ve learned that there are some differences between men and women when it comes to this type of behavior.

In the past women weren’t allowed to participate in some activities which were reserved for men only. But with the years, many things changed.
There are more and more women participating in extreme sports for example.

What I’m trying to say is that we’re all capable of doing much more than we might think we can. No matter the gender or anything else.

Challenging your fear doesn’t mean that you have to jump off the cliff. Or do anything commonly known as dangerous.

We’re different when it comes to our own personal challenges and fears.

For some people this means going out to the store on their own or simply going out of the bed every day. This might be due to anxiety, severe panic attacks, depression or something else that kept them in some sort of a safe bubble. For people with ADHD sitting still can be a challenge, or remaining silent after already saying a bunch of unnecessary things in the rush of impulsivity.

For others it means learning to walk again, because they weren’t able due to an injury or disease. This list goes on and on.

For some people this might be opening up and being truly honest with their friends, relatives or some other people. Or cry in front of others.
Even talking to a therapist can be way out of the comfort zone for many.

Sometimes the humble apology takes quite a lot of effort too. This can actually be a really tough challenge, but worth doing it.

Unspoken words can sometimes hurt much more than the spoken ones.

Before you challenge yourself, don’t forget to listen to your body. It’s good to be open to some professional advice too if needed.

There is also a short inspiring video in the sidebar, about the woman who made her first wingsuit-base jump ever. Feel free to watch it if you’re more into the extremes.

What was your toughest challenge in life?

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