Chemical Lobotomy

Another short story in a slightly different form… slightly inspired by Robin. Thanks, pal.

I became fake
from the meds that I take
from the trauma awake
just another mistake…

Where is my brain?
Hiding from pain?
Hiding from pleasure?
I feel insane.

My body is chill
from the previous pill.
Craving some pleasure,
craving some thrill.

Nothing makes sense,
my internal defense
eating my will
I need dr.Phil.

I feel so dumb,
my feelings are numb,
Yet grateful I’m still
for my favorite pill.

What about you?
What would you do?
What would you say
if this happened to you?


4 thoughts on “Chemical Lobotomy”

  1. You actually did an emo picture, love it 😂😂.

    I’m liking this new-style Maja, great to see you exploring your creativity!


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