CPTSD Healing Resources

You can get lots of information on the internet, and it can become confusing, at least for me, it was.

So I’ve created a list of some pages, where you can find some information or connect with others who share similar experiences.

Some other resources for those who want to learn more about themselves:
Huberman Lab
Psychology Today
Positive Psychology
Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, Udemy.

Please keep in mind, that surfing the web, reading the books and talking to loved ones is NOT psychotherapy btw. Nothing and no one can replace it, but many things can help us additionally.

Feel free to share more useful resources. What/who would you recommend?

3 thoughts on “CPTSD Healing Resources”

  1. For me, the FASD Caregivers Success parenting forum is such a helpful resource. Where other parents connect with other. We’re not experts but experts of our own children and the lived experience perspectives are so valuable to connect with.


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