De-Stress With Art Therapy

I’ve learned many therapeutic techniques. Art is one of my favorites and I find it very relaxing.

I already passed the knowledge I’ve gained in Healing with the Arts course, so I can’t give you anything new from my side. I’d love to share some videos I came by though.

Drawing fractals was a very pleasant experience for me and I’d really recommend it to everyone. Drawing mandalas and other techniques can help too. Just find what suits you best.

You don’t need any talent to start drawing and whatever you draw is fine.

I’ve found 2 short and simple videos where you can learn some basics to start with. You can also check my Healing category for related posts. I hope you’ll enjoy this.

These are two of my fractals
fractal diagnostic therapeutic

Do you already use art as a part of your therapy? What is your favorite way of expressing yourself?
Feel free to share your own work or create a post on your blog and link it here.

14 thoughts on “De-Stress With Art Therapy”

  1. Your fractals are great. I am a compulsive doodler. it’s never anything complicated. Flowers, animals and I love colouring mandalas.

  2. As an artist I used art extensively in my own healing. I use it to de-stress, I used it extensively in my second marriage where all boundaries were crossed and I didn’t even have the personal privacy of being able to write in a journal without him reading it and getting upset with me for writing about my negative feelings, as I was supposed to only feel positive with him. Art became my outlet where I could let go of everything. I also incorporated words and writing into my art. It was my safety net, my safe place, my liberation, my healing power. I highly recommend it to everyone!

  3. Art therapy is definitely healing, calming and soothing, I agree! Your fractals are great and I can also see the appeal of colouring mandalas!


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