The Freethinker: How To Fix A Broken Heart

Getting over a broken heart is never easy. Nothing hurts more than heartbreak, be it the end of a relationship, or the passing away of a loved one. You are unable to concentrate, and to function as you normally do.

To love is to be vulnerable, and therefore, easily hurt by the people we love. Having your heart broken in a relationship, can be devastating. You could lose your desire to do much of anything but lay in bed all day.
The people who suffer the most from heartbreak are those who have no one to confide in. As a result, they tend to suppress their emotions.

Grief can quickly become all-consuming, if not dealt with. You might blame yourself and feel guilty for what has happened. There may be so many questions, such as what went wrong? You weren’t good enough? You would wish you could have done things differently.

Recovering from heartbreak is all about taking steps. You may have realized you can’t do it all alone; can’t seem to mend your broken heart all by yourself.

Take steps to heal by talking to people whom you trust. It is better to choose the right people who understand you and truly care about your well-being. They can help strengthen you.

It is amazing how much better you feel when there is someone you can talk to. A person who has more experience with heartbreak, can tell you how they overcome theirs.

Some people’s wounds go deeper than others. The deeper your wound, the longer it might take to heal. The time taken to heal from heartbreak, also depends on your willingness to accept the situation.
You have to be willing to let go, and move on. Sometimes, in trying to move on, you might get stuck with thoughts of the person, and the memories of the relationship.

Truth be told, you have to grieve in order to let go. Acknowledge whatever it is you have to learn from the experience. This will enable your mind to process the pain more quickly and return to a more stable state.

In times like these, it is important to recognize your strengths, so as to be able to work out your grief. Let go of thoughts that do not serve well and change them into something better.

Sometimes, you will be overwhelmed by memories, and this can plunge you deeper into prolonged grief. That is why you must make a firm decision to stay on the path to healing.

It is advisable to go outdoors. Set aside time every day to do something that feels refreshing, such as spending quality time with a family member, meeting up with a close friend, or going out to some beautiful scenery. Engage in exercise such as meditation, swimming, running, or simply walking. This can help preserve your mental and physical health.

Don’t be too hard on yourself over the breakup. Rather than let your emotions overwhelm you, focus on an activity you love doing. This could be painting, writing, reading, playing a musical instrument, or participating in a sporting activity.

Helping others can make you feel better, and less lonely. Offer help or assistance to someone in need. You can also volunteer your time at a local organization or charity. This might help you build new friendships.
Read motivational books, and listen to podcasts, so as to calm your emotions. You can also seek the help of a therapist, or find a support group.

There is no way around it; healing a broken heart takes time. But the more you put off dealing with the pain, the longer it will take for you to start feeling better. Sometimes, it will seem like your world will never be the same. As you go through the healing process, you have to believe you can overcome it, because truly, YOU CAN.

by The Freethinker

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21 thoughts on “The Freethinker: How To Fix A Broken Heart”

  1. The end of one intimate relationship is death, the death of one part of us, and also the attachment death towards a significant person. The more we understand it, and the more we call things by their real names. There more individuals will be able to feel welcome to express their real feelings.

    Also, society must acknowledge that some relationships and the abrupt ending of it can throw people into a spiral of negative thoughts. Why? Let’s imagine women or men who had an intimate relationship with narcissistic individuals, how many therapists out there are trained to help these people? And even friends or family?

    We need real education at school for love, life, and relationships. We need to gain more conscience and stop behaving like assholes because the pain is real, and human beings aren’t pieces of clothes.

    So all this fucking nightmare around intimate relationships happens because we are allowing bad behavior to become the new norm.

    Thank you for share this article. πŸ™‚


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