How To Stop Listening To The Same Song On Repeat

There are some times when you can’t stop listening to one particular song. It might last for quite a while.

This happens because some songs are made to be played on repeat. The other side of the equation is our personality and the things in a song we can relate to. To put it simply.

When this happens to me, I usually intentionally listen to the song as much as possible. To become annoying or boring sooner. I also tend to explore the meanings and feelings behind it.

It’s harder when you’re repeating some really depressing songs. I still wouldn’t avoid the music. Because there are obviously some feelings that must be released. Music is a perfect tool for it.

I know I’m repeating myself from time to time, but this is really important. Feelings are like poo. They need to be expressed on a regular basis, or they get stuck.
This is where plenty of unnecessary anxiety comes from. And some pains, aches etc. You can prevent this from happening.

It’s easier when you finally realize that negative emotions won’t kill you, nor will they hurt you. They will rather heal you, if you just let them be.
Resisting and avoiding them can have right the opposite effect.

There is another thing when you don’t actually listen to the song anymore, but your mind does.
We’re talking about the earworm in this case. This can be quite an annoying mind bug too.

This was on my playlist for quite some time now.

Do you have any particular advice how to speed up the process and stop listening to one song only?
What have you been listening on repeat lately? Let’s share some music for a change. πŸ™‚

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31 thoughts on “How To Stop Listening To The Same Song On Repeat”

  1. “Feelings are like poo. They need to be expressed on a regular basis, or they get stuck.”

    Hahaha! πŸ˜†. Why do you want to speed up the process of getting bored of it, by the way?

    You have a typo in your title btw. Just pointing it out as I know it’ll annoy you so you’d rather know, probably!

    I’m listening to the Jan Blomqvist song. It’s very different to what I usually listen to, but I quite like it. Thanks! I’ve added one of his albums to a playlist.

    This is a song I’ve listened to on repeat recently:

    I just recently got back into listening to this band, but they’re one of my favourites. Their music expresses my internal energy very well, that’s my best description. Energetic, determined, playful, rebellious ;).

    • Thanks for pointing out the typo! I really miss some more critics about the grammar, I’m still learning to improve my English.
      Thanks for your music too. I don’t like the song, but it helps with waking up πŸ˜€ it’s a lazy rainy morning here today.
      As far as I know you, I can see you in this music too.

  2. This happens all the time. I was talking to a guy who introduced me to this song that I ended up falling in love with. But we broke up. The song was so good but it would always remind me of him. It’s been on repeat. It’s a Telugu song so, I wonder if you would love to listen to it. I’ll post another song that I’ve been listening to on repeat. It’s by the same artist.

  3. Very relatable! I imagine narratives on music, often they don’t even seem to have anything in common with the lyrics of the song. I spent three months playing “we will fall together” by streetlight manifesto 1.5hrs each day, in the bus to and from school. Made a whole storyline on it.

    • I’ve never heard of this song, I went on youtube to imagine what was playing in your mind.
      3 months sounds quite long for 1 song, poor head of yours. πŸ™‚

  4. Yesterday morning and the night before I listened to “Ticks and Leeches” by Tool on repeat. Then I lifted weights and punched the sh*t out of my punching bag while listening to some more Tool. Finally, both physically and mentally exhausted, I had no more energy to have anxious thoughts. I listened to “Be Here Now” by Ray LaMontagne, while laying in the grass and mediating. Kept in on repeat as background music while getting ready to carpe the diem. I slept amazing last night. It’s really fun inside my brain.

    • This is quite a contrast (I had to “youtubed” your songs too πŸ™‚ ). Exercise can be much more effective with music, I’m doing this too. It’s great for releasing some tension, indeed.

  5. I often enjoy listening to songs that I like several times in a row; I think that this is a pretty common experience among autistic people (I think that we might have a different threshold for diminishing emotional returns, which makes us more likely than neurotypicals to enjoy experiences multiple times, but I’m not certain), although I know that it’s by no means limited to autistics. Personally, I don’t really think that listening to the same song over and over again is a problem in and of itself, as long as you’re enjoying yourself and I guess not bothering other people too much. In cases where I’m irritated by having a song stuck in my head for too long, I’ve found that sitting down and playing it on the piano helps to get it to stop for some reason.
    Keep up the good work with your blog!

    • I agree that there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn’t bother you. It’s great that you figured out your own way around this with piano.
      Thanks for stopping by, Isaac πŸ™‚

  6. β€œFeelings are like poo.” I love this. It needs to be on a T-shirt or coffee mug! πŸ˜† And I agree that earworms are the worst, they just burrow themselves into your mind!

  7. I stream music on Amazon music and I am building a huge library which I choose from every day. All sorts of different things. Some make me sad but I agree that sometimes we need those emotions. My favourite music is something that evokes an image in my mind…a flowing river…someone on horseback riding in the open prairie…whatever that says about me, I don’t know.


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