How Can You Express Your Emotions In a Healthy Way?

We can express our emotions in multiple ways. They can be constructive or destructive.

Here is a collection of some interesting videos about expressing your emotions. I hope you’ll find some benefits for yourself too.

If you can’t concentrate for 15 minutes or don’t have enough time, or you just aren’t in the mood… I’ve found a video for you too.
It will only take you about 3 minutes. 😉

What is your favorite way of expressing emotions in a constructive way?

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9 thoughts on “How Can You Express Your Emotions In a Healthy Way?”

  1. I appreciate your Ted Talk plugs. I should thank you, because back when you were doing the addiction ones, I totally plugged them on my company Linkedin. I’m an HR Recruiter and the social media person for a company that treats addiction. So it was useful content for me. Plus I’m an addict myself =).

  2. I find it helpful to acknowledge whatever it is I’m feeling. In my bullet journal, I have a mood tracker, and I try to identify specific emotions for the day rather than just rating my mood.

  3. An old mentor of mine taught me a great way to start accepting emotions rather than fighting them. She would say to people, “It sounds like you’re experiencing [emotion X]. And that’s OK, isn’t it.”

  4. When I first read the question, “what is your favorite way of expressing your emotions in a constructive way?”, I was unsure. As is with many things in my life, I reflect upon all things to see what insight will show up. Then this morning it was very clear, and I wondered why in that moment last night did I not know. Funny how our mind works. Anyway, I write them down, reflect upon them, and then see what is “driving” that emotion. Sometimes it is something from the past, sometimes form a long time ago, and sometimes it is more present. Of course, I am writing about grief and sadness, which I’ve been doing a lot of work on these past three years. When I write them down, I can do something with them, rather than simply let them sit within me and fester, which is how I once “handled” my emotions. There is something therapeutic about actually seeing the emotion and the thoughts behind them on paper. It brings another level of awareness to them, to yourself, as it were. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity, Maja, love the post.


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