How To Be Happy With What You Have?

I consider myself a very unhappy grumpy person because I can drive myself crazy with my thoughts obsessing about wanting more.

This will never bring you the joy you might seek, trust me on this one. It might feel good for a short period of time, but that’s not happiness.

What can help you to feel happier?

1. Focus on here and now

Mindfulness can help.

What do you have right here and now? Do you have a place to stay? Is there some food near you? What can you do with your body right now to feel just a little bit better?

What calms you down and makes you feel some comfort? What do you want right now? Do you really need this?
Think of the ways things could be much worse.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

3. Focus on actions, not just (over)thinking and venting

4. Take care of your relationships

Starting with the one you have with yourself.
Be kind to yourself and build intrinsic motivation, rather than just relying upon doing things to please others.

Attend to others mindfully, and practice compassion and empathy.

5. Take your time to practice gratitude

What are you grateful for?

Sometimes you might not feel gratitude and that’s ok. I’ve been there too. What matters is that you keep on working on it. You might not feel it today, but it can warm you up tomorrow. Or the next day. Just don’t give up on that, ok? The same goes for mindfulness and probably the rest.

6. Resist instant gratification

Easier said than done, I know. But it can be done.

7. Take time to engage in random acts of kindness

8. Simplify your life

9. Embrace impermanence

From – Positive Psychology Strategies for Increased Happiness and WikiHow.

I actually need to better remember this too, so I thought we could both benefit if I write some focus points here.

Enough from me. I wish you a happy weekend! ❤️

What about you, how happy are you with what you already have?

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9 thoughts on “How To Be Happy With What You Have?”

  1. Simplify your life…for sure! I was usually able to be happy with what I had but I spent most of my life worrying about what might happen in the future….what if I lost my job, what if I didn’t have enough money and so on. Worrying is pointless and can be harmful. Not that one should throw caution to the wind but as you say, live in the moment.


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