If You Could Be A Song, Which One Would You Be?

Do you ever ask yourself this question?

Which song describes you the most? Which melody flows best with your body and your mind? Which song do you truly feel?
Is it just one song, can you see yourself in several different (or similar songs)?

You can explore yourself through this exercise and learn something new. I hope you’ll have some fun while doing this too.

I’d pick Moby’s 18.

Why did I pick this particular song?
I don’t know really, I just felt myself in it. I thought about the title of this post 2 years ago while I was listening to this particular song.
Besides that I like many different genres, probably all of them (some more, some less) – I don’t like any song though. And definitely not any time. It depends on the mood, the situation I’m in, etc.

I’ve had some periods when I couldn’t listen to music at all

The flashbacks were too intense and music still has this effect on my mind, taking me to places I don’t want to be. If I’m not too tired, I know how to pull myself out of this now, so I can enjoy some music again too. So, all good in the end.

Feel free to share the song that describes you most (or fits you otherwise) in the comments below. If you can’t fit yourself in a song, just paste your favorite choice. Which genre do you prefer and why?

I wish you a good day,

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18 thoughts on “If You Could Be A Song, Which One Would You Be?”

  1. Missing You, by All Time Low. Itโ€™s a song about hope and strength and support, while at the same time acknowledging the pain and struggle that we go through. How you have to pick yourself up when you fall, and how far youโ€™ve come.

  2. Music has always been very important to me. I tend to prefer instrumental but certainly not exclusively. My brain seems to work with visuals and certain musical pieces set my images rolling. I have many favourites but I don’t think there is any one in particular.

  3. Though classical music fills my heart and soul, and fits me best in content and taste, a love song, “Make Believe It’s Your First Time”, by the Carpenters is the song I would be. A close second to it is, “You’re The One I Love.”

  4. Wow, I love your choice and I’ve never heard it. I enjoy all kinds of music, but I can’t call out a favorite. I just discovered the Pentatonix this year and I marvel at their acapella. I enjoyed one that Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo did called “Fall on Me.” I posted it on my blog a while back. Thanks for visiting my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Really interesting post. I do think about this sometimes and to be honest it changes depending on my mood. Right now if I was a song I think I would be “Find My Way” by Paul McCartney or “Apeman” by The Kinks.

  6. This is such a lovely question, and it’s been so interesting reading all of the answers! I’ve added so many songs from this comment section. 18 is such a beautiful melody and if you liked that I suggest listening to apashe, specifically RIP. It invokes similar emotions but it is sort of an orchestra plus electro-pop mix.

    My answer would be never let me go by Florence and the machine, it’s hauntingly good and anchor by Allie X. Honestly, any surreal/dark pop fits the vibe


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