What Are You Listening To?

Do you remember the post about How to stop listening to the same song on repeat?

This is one side of the equation. Some silence is also very much needed and beneficial from time to time.

There are also times when you crave some music, but you can’t think of any song to listen to. Or you’re just tired of all the familar ones. I tend to type “random music” into YouTube or something similar at times like these.

I really like to exchange some music with my friends to get to know some new songs too.

I’d love to expand the circle and include all of you into this music game. We can all benefit from it.

Are you in? πŸ™‚

Feel free to share your favorite song, or whatever comes to your mind first after reading this post. What was on your playlist today?

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25 thoughts on “What Are You Listening To?”

  1. What a great idea! I get bored of my playlists all the time. Today I’ve been listening to Russ for the first time in a while… quite the contrast to yesterday’s obsession, Savage Love by Jason Derulo haha

  2. The next five songs on my very eclectic playlist are:

    Cornflake Girl – Tori Amos
    Ready to Go – Republica
    &Run – Sir Sly
    High By The Beach – Lana Del Rey
    Kelly Watch the Stars – Air

    With the exception of country music made past about 1990, there’s rarely a genre I can’t find things I don’t like.

    • It’s great having such a wide taste in music.
      I haven’t heard the second and the last two for ages. Other two are new for me. Yay! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just want to warn you that… I am the best DJ in the free world Watch the fuck out, people. You might blow your top when you listen to one of my mixes. This one is called “Sexy Rock Mix”. Classic rock all the way. Sexy theme. Here we go:
    1.Santana – Persuasion
    2. Candy Store Rock – Led Zeppelin
    3. Mystic Eyes – Van Morrison (studio version)
    4. Gloria – Jimi Hendrix – cover version of Van Morrison Classic. Jimi Hendrix boxed set, 2000.
    5. Little Doll- Iggy Pop and the Stogges
    6. Rock Me Baby – Jefferson Airplane
    7. Body – Bush (the 90’s band)
    8. Love Buzz – Nirvana
    9. Sabra Cadabra – Black Sabbath
    10. My Eyes Have Seen You – The Doors
    11. For Your Love – The Yardbirds
    11. I Want You – The Beatles
    End. There you go. the best sexy rock classic mix of all time.

  4. Bliss, by Muse
    Teardrop, by Massive Attack
    Run by run, by Woodkid
    Papillon, by the Editors
    Never let me down again, by Depeche Mode
    The sun always shines on TV, by A-ha
    Citizen erased, by Muse
    White foxes, by Susanne Sunford
    Trip, by Still corners
    Water dances III, by Michael Nyman


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