Releasing The Inner Critic Through Arts

Can you imagine your inner critic? What does it look like?

Art can be just one of many techniques to release your inner critic’s voice.
In art, you can’t fail. Everything you do is right and you’re free to do whatever you like.

You can draw your inner critic and literally put him into the trash if you’d like to. Or not. This is entirely up to you.
You can describe him in a poem or use other creative ways of visualizing and talking to him.

When you separate this part from other parts of you, you gain more power over it.

This is my inner critic. I also wrote him a couple of words – this will stay between the two of us.

inner critic art

A part of me still believes that I need this part or I’d become a psycho or sociopath. My other parts started to doubt, finally.

Feel free to share your inner critic too. What does it look like?

14 thoughts on “Releasing The Inner Critic Through Arts”

  1. It’s nice you use art as a form of release. It’s a wonderful outlet and great way to externalize our inner critic and self talk. I’ll have to give it some thought as to what my inner critic would look like. Probably not very cute looking!

    • I believe it’s not a cutie. I’d love to see how you (and other people) imagine this “creature”.

      Feel free to share it once you get the picture of him. I can understand if you prefer to keep this private, so no pressure.

  2. Years ago this was suggested as a technique for me. I put every frustration I had and every negative thing I thought of myself on paper and then I threw it away. I had no idea how liberating it would be. I had tried all sorts of other things, but this one made a difference that lasted. I’m glad you find it helpful too.

  3. If I were artistic at all, I think the picture of my inner critic would be quite menacing and drawn with a lot of red and black permanent ink. I am much better with words, and I have written about my inner critic many times, although not lately. Maybe I need to set up another interview so I can ask him/her a few questions.


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