15 Mental Health Memes

Relatable? Which one is your favorite?

10 thoughts on “15 Mental Health Memes”

  1. I loved the memes. I don’t make light of situations, especially mental health, but I will say that looking at it at times with humour, like a good meme, helps provide some levity and relief. The one with the tangled up phone lines made me chuckle the most.

  2. Oh yes…I can identify with all of these though I have a great fondness for penguins and I can relate to that image. I also feel like 317 in a world where that number doesn’t exist and ditto the over-thinking book!

    • And when you raise the complaint that 317 isn’t on the sign you are brusquely brushed off and expected to somehow improvise like it’s obvious what to do. Meanwhile everyone else is getting along fine because they conveniently had a valid number. Nobody’s actually wondering what they would personally do in your situation. 😏


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