Side Effects – Are They Worth It?

I have my own view of the drugs (prescribed and non-prescribed ones). Even though I’ve used them in many inappropriate ways as well, I always thought of them as an accessory. Something like a crutch to a broken leg. Taking drugs only if really necessary and in a dose that suits the individual most.

Everything comes with a price, goes especially well with the drugs. It’s a struggle between trying to be a functional independent person (not aiming to be a Superman) and side effects.

I’m currently on ADHD medication that is not a stimulant (a very underestimated one by my opinion). The most annoying side effect is me being tired all the time while having a blank space inside my head. The second part is actually a good thing (it’s called calmness), you just have to get used to it.

You can combat tiredness with a dash of coffee. But you need to be extremely careful about mixing anything with your drugs (coffee, herbs, other supplements, etc. – you know that annoying part of commercials about consulting with your doc? Go do that. Always.).

It also took way more time to its full effect than other drugs I’m familiar with. Being a person with severe lack of patience

side effects

… yeah.

Right now being calm and tired, sounds much better than being unorganized to the point that you need reminders to remind you about the need to have the reminders. And you’d still forget to do the basic life stuff (except to eat – damn your brain) while simultaneously doing 10 things at once.

I had back surgery a few years ago and since then I got used to exercising daily. This is something that became really hard on my current therapy. But it’s not impossible.
You just have to try way harder (if you’re a person with ADHD you don’t know any other way anyway).

And I’m never sorry, because it keeps my mood on track, not breaking down to the point of depression. And I sleep much better as well (and eat much better… this is how the story “from fit to fat” goes – back and forth ยฏ_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ).

By side effects, I don’t only mean drugs. Psychotherapy comes with some side effects as well. I was struggling with many of them. Everything was overwhelming. This went on for months after the therapy.

But overall, I’m really glad I went through it.

So, the benefits. This is what gets me through the side effects and always did. It’s that simple. But really hard at the same time.

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16 thoughts on “Side Effects – Are They Worth It?”

  1. I can understand completely. It’s tough , especially with how fast our adhd brains jump lol. It’s taken me years and some time in adhd medication to find useful cooing skills and monitor my impulsivity ( that’s the hardest part for me). I’m not currently on medication for my ADHD anymore. It started tp make me grumpy stip I decided to go of it . I do miss the focus for nonpreferred things but I’m definitely more linne myself without the medicine but it’s tough because they effect everyone differently. I liked your comment on my list b about the hyperfocus. It us very useful when I’m working with the kids lol and when writing and doing photography. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice convection with people who understand the struggles of adhd . ๐Ÿ™‚ everyone on wordpress is so chill. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My GP said I had ADHD. My psychiatrist then said the GP should look for something real. Eventually, type 2 diabetes was found. ADHD disappeared as I managed my diabetes. No symptoms for a decade now. Only vit B12 deficiency due to metformin

  3. I question psychiatry to some degree as well, but Iโ€™m very thankful that exist also. Mental struggle is real even though you canโ€™t prove your emotional level etc. to anyone.

  4. Thanks for this post. I am unable to be prescribed any ADHD medication as I haven’t yet actually been diagnosed with it and had actually asked a psychologist, a psychiatrist and my GP if there was some medication, particularly any anti-depressants, that could be used off-label to treat ADHD symptoms while I wait for a correct diagnosis. I was told no there isn’t.

    Lo and behold your post says different. This is not a surprise as the health service in the UK is full of people who refuse to do their job and seem to take offence that a patient would dare to do their own research and offer solutions that they hadn’t thought of. I happen to have a GP appointment today and I will be taking a list of some of the drugs mentioned in one of your links and ask to be tried on one of them.

    Thank God the internet exists where people who actually care can share information, as the people charged with caring for others, in my experience at least, have absolutely no interest in doing anything beyond prescribing SSRIs at the drop of a hat.

    Again, thank you very much. I’m very glad I found your blog and I hope you are coping well at the moment.

    • I’m glad that you’ve found something useful in my post. I know how hard can it be, when the doctor doesn’t have enough knowledge to properly guide you through the process. I wish you all best in your search for the right medicine.

  5. I’m really glad the process is helping you but more thrilled by the fact that you decided to see a doctor. Wishing you the best.

  6. I think about this a lot. My epilepsy meds make me dum dum dum dum DUUUUUM. Yet I developed some agoraphobia from years of being afraid of having a seizure out in public, so not having those is an improvement. But if I’m still afraid, is being dumb worth it? It’s an open question, I guess.


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