What Are You Passionate About?

Just another interesting video I’m passing forward.

What about you, what are you passionate about?

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6 thoughts on “What Are You Passionate About?”

  1. Hey, that’s an awesome video! I totally agree with what she was saying. It’s totally true that you have to look inwards and ask yourself those hypothetical questions.

    I never subscribed to the normal lifestyle, it didn’t give me any motivation with school πŸ˜†. I was only motivated once I found my first passion of exploring and seeing the universe/solar system. So I espoused this to everybody, talked about how lucky I had been because I would’ve had no idea what to do otherwise. A lot of people didn’t really relate to what I was saying. But it always seems that in the end they do, after differing amounts of time!

    And that always gives me a weird feeling. It’s satisfying and vindicating but also feels sad.

    My main passion now is for helping people, the second one is space exploration. I’m more suited to making a career out of the first, though I have ideas for the space stuff. Anyways the last few years has been a process of uprooting my previous life to get back to the passions :).

    • You’re great at listening to people, which makes you a good helper.
      It’s not much likely, but it’s not impossible either to maybe help people in space some day and combine both πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Maja :). Actually, it may be possible! When I was still going to Green Health, the person who runs it told me about somebody she knows who runs a virtual reality space experience centre, not far from here! I am planning to go and check it out and meet the guy, at the right time.

        Something like that could be ideal because I’m already really excited about virtual reality especially in that contextβ€” using it for education and allowing you to go to anywhere, like the surface of Mars! The possibilities are amazing, and the taste of virtual reality I had once at a friend’s house was really incredible. I can see it being dangerously addictive, though! Unless you suffer from motion sickness πŸ˜†.


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