What Does CPTSD Feel Like?

For me, it feels like my heart is breaking again and again, without the ability to ever get better.

This is not the truth and is “just” a feeling. I need to ground myself often to come out of my illusions and stop breaking my own heart all over again.

This might sound easy but is far from that. Especially, because I’m still addicted to some unpleasant feelings and a part of my mind wants me to feel like this. It feels safer in there.

I hope you don’t find yourself in this. If you do, I’m sending you a big hug today, in case you need one.

How does it feel for you?

9 thoughts on “What Does CPTSD Feel Like?”

  1. It’s very important to know that there are many, many others like yourself, that it is not something you make up in an attempt to get sympathy. To this day most of the people I know and some quite well, really do not understand. It is hurtful because it feels as if they think I have a personality defect, but then how CAN anyone understand who does not feel as we do? Writing about it and finding people like yourself has helped me a lot. You know I always wish you the best. My heart felt broken for a long, long time but now not so much. Just sometimes when I get sad.


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