What Makes You Feel Alive?

I was thinking about this a lot. What made me feel alive, what still does and what else could.

Several things can make me feel alive: nature, photography, writing, solving problems/challenges, novelty… some of the little things

There is also one thing that makes me feel alive A LOT – love. I’m doomed, for that matter. Β―(ツ)/Β―
Joke aside. There are other connections that aren’t dooming at all. Quite the opposite. Connecting with people who think alike.
Or feel alike. This doesn’t mean a need for constant interaction though. I need lots and lots of alone time which also makes me feel alive (just need to be careful about overdoing it. You can get a bit weird spending too much time on your own – been there too).

I used to look at things in a completely different way. Black and white, mostly (high five fellow borderline πŸ™‚ ). But when you add some more colors to life, it can surprise you in multiple ways. The same goes for people. Nobody is just good or bad. We’re all a whole spectre of good, bad and everything in between.

There are plenty of videos, articles and other resources about what makes other people feel alive.

What about you? What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel alive the most?

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13 thoughts on “What Makes You Feel Alive?”

  1. What makes me feel alive is nature. I love staring at the sunset, also the sky at night-stars and the moon. When it rains and I get to smell the moist in the morning after it had rained. I also feel alive when I take photos of lovely views of nature. Not to forget writing poetry and just pieces about life, death and just other themes of life.

  2. Nice post, my friend! My answers:

    MUSIC! The sun on my face, finally killing a troublesome boss in Dark Souls 3, when a friend makes me laugh, when I “flew” in a wind turbine tunnel thingy.

  3. I feel most alive watching sunrises (new day, fresh start)
    Watching birds raise their young (hope)
    Sewing a quilt for a friend (gratitude and creativity)
    Sun on my face (warmth)
    A brisk walk (blood pumping through my veins, life)
    Writing (in the flow and creativity)
    Troubleshooting (flexing my brain muscle, satisfaction in solving)

  4. Fiction writing is when I feel most alive. Unfortunately, I’ve had a plethora of mental and financial stressors the last 2 years so I’ve written little fiction thus felt not so alive. I mean, I wrote 6 short stories this year, that’s something, but I’m accustomed to writing hundreds-pages long novels so I’m living dead girl right now.
    I haven’t given up hope. But the waiting really makes me want to give up. I just want to write already.

  5. Hmmm. So many things. HIking, running, nature, a sunset, a sunrise, meditation, good food :), good friends, all of those make me feel alive. And, I would say that I feel the most alive when I am creating; creating language for a post, creating a meal for dinner, creating new possibilities at work or in my personal life, really, just creating in general. I think it is inside of the inner-inspiration that I get when I am creating that creates that aliveness. Special. Nice post, thanks for the question, Maja. πŸ™‚

  6. The nature, walking barefoot on the beach, just hiking up a mountain trail, sitting in solace and listening to the waves crashing on the shore, and watching the stars come out at night while the moon shines bright❀️ this is what makes me feel alive and grounded.

  7. All of the above plus Music; if one of my lively favourites pieces comes on the radio it’s an instant lift; but music also has a strong connection to nature. blackbirds in the garden are natural musicians and skylarks up in the sky who in turn have inspired musicians.

  8. Walking in nature keeps me feeling alive. There is nothing more humbling than being high atop a mountain that you hiked up. Then the next day, if you overdid it, you feel alive again from the aches and pains. Tee Hee.

    • Indeed, there is something really special on every top. I can understand the meaning of pains and aches too. There is no pleasure without a little pain, right? πŸ™‚


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