Why Regret Is Good?

Imagine you find out that you only have one day left to live. Would you regret anything?

I was depressed for over two years in my last episode. Which got me thinking. A lot. About my life, things I did, things I haven’t done, but I could if I just had more courage, energy, money or I don’t know what else.
The only time we have is now. We don’t have it yesterday and we don’t know what tomorrow might bring. It’s important to focus on what we want, can, and need to do right now.

You can always do something. Even if you’re depressed or otherwise not feeling your best.

Sometimes by doing something actually means you need to do nothing or as little as possible. I know it might sound ridiculous, but our minds need some rest just as our bodies do. We all need this, just as we all need some movement (you don’t have to be a fitness pro to be healthy, some light walking is more than enough to stay healthy and feel good or even healthier).

I did a small research about what people regret the most.
Many things were related to fear. Or bad set of priorities (more on that under “Further reading”).

Your current regrets can help you live a more meaningful life. Just don’t focus on them as a failure, but rather on the things you can learn from them.

What would you regret if today was your last day?

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6 thoughts on “Why Regret Is Good?”

  1. Great post. I saw the beginning and thought Blimey, that’s depressing but then saw what you’d done with it. You are right; you can always do something, no matter how small. During lockdown I went for short walks around my neighbourhood and while walking problems often seemed to resolve themselves. It was not much in the way of exercise but it was something and it really seemed to help

  2. Nice post! So true, your words. I’m going to do “something” today for sure.

    What I do regret, though, is not having figured out how to manufacture beautiful children’ s books. If I die tomorrow, at least I know I’ve shared stories with kids that aren’t even mine, because some one else made a great book!

    Man, a walk sounds good…

  3. I think this is an important question. One that we should maintain an awareness of. Sadly, life can be full of regrets. Living intentionally is so important. I work to maintain intention in my connections with others. We never truly know what tomorrow may or may not bring. It’s so important that our people know of their importance to us.


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