Why Do You Push People Away?

Do you ever wonder why are you doing this? There are some of our behaviors that can be really unpleasant to others. It makes sense that it pushes people away.
Before you blame others for not liking you, it’s good to ask yourself if there are some errors on your side.

I was there too, a lot, while I really didn’t know what was I doing. It helps if others tell how they feel around you, but you can’t always count on that, so it’s good for you to stay mindful of your own actions and impact on others.

It’s really hard to be on this side of the story. You might find yourself in situations when you push away people while you need them most.

I’m also very well aware of how it’s like to be on the other side when others become annoying while craving your presence. It can be really exhausting.

The behavior described in the video is very common for people with PTSD and CPTSD. But it’s not impossible to behave like this without it too.
I hope this comes in handy for you too, to recognize it in you or others and learn to handle it better.

If you don’t know how to stop any sort of behavior you don’t like in you, it’s good to have a talk with a therapist or other professional.

Do you recognize anything familiar? What helped you to stop acting this way?

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5 thoughts on “Why Do You Push People Away?”

  1. For me, there’s a sort of shame about myself that makes me out act out. It’s almost as if I’d rather you hate me for being a horrible person than be vulnerable and have you hate who I am inside.

  2. I think life taught me to be very wary of people. I never consciously pushed people away but always avoided social functions. I think I was regarded as stand-offish or stuck up but the idea of social functions gave me panic attacks. Just couldn’t do them even after years of therapy. It makes for a lonely life but at least no-one else can hurt me.


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